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At Alert, we believe in a personalized approach to recruitment. Our recruiter, Veronica, specializes in executive search and recently had the pleasure of meeting Marwan Tariq. Marwan was already located in Dubai and began his Happy.Work.Life journey as a Key Account Manager in July 2023. In this Happy Candidate Case, Marwan shares his recruitment story with Alert.

” I would again like to say, Alert team, you guys are doing amazing work.” – Marwan Tariq

the search to work happiness

I had been in Dubai for more than 10 years, and in 2023, unfortunately, I lost my job for over 6 months. Struggling to find a suitable job as per my profile was a very difficult task, despite knowing people around from my network.

I was doing everything a job seeker does: sending CVs, calling companies to ensure they received my email, looking into the company profiles on LinkedIn, sending texts, and following up on job roles on a regular basis. The most common response I always received was, ‘This position is already filled,’ or ‘You are overqualified or underqualified.’ And when I managed to speak to them and asked something related to my CV, they replied back saying, ‘Oh, can you send me your CV again, let me have a look?’ How could anyone say it’s not suitable when they don’t know what work experience I have? This was a regular thing, getting these replies after several months.

I had lost hope and was thinking of shifting to another country and starting over again. Then, I received a call from Veronica.

She spoke to me in detail for about 5 minutes, asking me a lot of questions about my experience. She was updating me every 2nd day and managed to schedule 3 interviews the following week. She sent reminders to me before each interview and wished me luck before every interview. Once the interview was over, she followed up with me, also making sure the interview went well. I then knew Veronica was making an effort.

Guess what? Within 10 days, I received my offer letter as per my profile, and I couldn’t have asked for better. Bless her!

If you’re looking for a job, don’t lose hope. Veronica from Alert HR is here to find a suitable job. By the way, it doesn’t stop here. After a few weeks, the Alert team visited my office to make sure everything is as good as per the offer letter I received. I would again like to say, Alert team, you guys are doing amazing work.

Alert HR Solutions Dubai, THANK YOU.” – Marwan Tariq – Happy Candidate.

reaching talents others can’t reach

Veronica, our Senior recruiter in Dubai, is specialized in finding the best candidates for our clients. Marwan is one of these candidates. Veronica finds her candidates thanks to her personal apouche combined with our data-driven recruitment technologies. It’s knowledge that employers in dubai receive a load of sollicitance. This way we find top tier candidates that other recruiters can find.

Veronica, our Senior Recruiter in Dubai, possesses a remarkable knack for identifying the perfect candidates for our clients. Marwan stands as a shining example of her successful placements. Veronica’s ability to pinpoint exceptional candidates is a testament to Alerts approach, blending personal touch with data-driven recruitment technologies. In a market flooded with job applications, Veronica’s executive search skill allows us to find top-tier talent that often eludes other recruiters. This combination of personalized expertise and advanced tools sets us apart, ensuring that we consistently deliver outstanding candidates to our clients in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

I feel excited every time I work on a new role or with a new client as a recruiter. My aim is to find the best applicants who are most in need of the job. When I came across Marwan’s LinkedIn page, I reached out to him to learn more about his experience and background. During our interview, he shared some of his life challenges with me, which motivated me to gather as much information as possible to ensure he would be the ideal fit for the client. Thankfully, the customer loved his profile and extended an offer to him after a few interviews, and he got the job! Marwan has an incredible personality and professionalism. Despite having worked with our client for almost a year now, he remains in contact with me/Alert and expresses gratitude on a regular basis. – Veronica, Senior Recruiter at Alert. 

onboard top talents with alert

Marwin has had the opportunity to experience our Happy.Work.Life philosophy firsthand. At Alert, we believe that people are more productive when they are happy in their work. For this reason, we strive to find the best talent for our clients. We accomplish this by engaging in meaningful conversations with candidates and actively listening to their needs. By doing so, we gain a deep understanding of their unique talents and aspirations. This personalized approach enables us to create sustainable connections and ensure ideal matches between our clients and candidates. Are you ready to onboard highly motivated top talents?