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frequently asked questions

It begins with you being approached by one of our recruiters because we feel there is a match between you and the position in question, or by you responding to a vacancy. We then go through the position together.

Assuming we both decide to take the conversation further, we share your information and our thoughts with the client. We highlight your career, experience and educational background, plus we paint a picture of who you are as a person.

If the client also feels there is a potential match, we organise an introductory meeting. Assuming the click is there, this is usually followed by a second or further interviews, and, often, suitability testing at an assessment centre. If the client wants to offer you the position, they prepare an offer and start securing any necessary documentation or regulatory approvals, such as work permits and visas, and checking licences and professional qualifications, et cetera, as applicable. This can take some time, depending on the location and role. While that work is being done – something we help to push and coordinate – you and your new employer determine a start date. After you have joined the organisation, we stay in touch to make sure that you are enjoying your work and feel happy in your new job.

We expect you to communicate with us in a timely and professional way. In addition, we would like to have an open and honest conversation about your wishes and expectations of a new job. Finally, you will need to provide evidence of professional qualifications, licences, fulfilment of visa requirements, et cetera, when requested.

The time between being recruited for a new job and actually starting depends on several factors, including the industry, position, priority and practicalities, including obtaining a visa or work permit. Good cooperation between your new employer’s HR department and Alert can help to speed things along. We work closely with our clients to ensure processes are as clear and as smooth as possible.