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Alert is a recruitment company in Dubai that takes a European approach to job consultancy: down-to-earth, transparent, efficient and with short lines of communication. We respond quickly while respecting local business norms and standards. By taking this approach, Alert recruiters provide our clients with the best people every time.

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what is job consultancy

Job consultancies are intermediaries between job seekers and employers, offering recruitment and staffing services. Our aim is to find the best job match for job seekers and the ideal talent mix for clients. We provide various HR services, such as job posting, headhunting, screening, selection, and talent management.

how does job consultancy in Dubai work?

Alert specialises in recruiting top talent for specialist functional, senior management and C-level positions across industries such as healthcare, IT, agriculture, oil & gas, food processing, logistics, engineering, construction, marketing, and investment.
The recruitment process timeline varies depending on factors such as: location, visa requirements and notice period.

Good to know: with Alert, the recruiting client pays all fees, and invoices are prepared once the selection process is complete and the candidate has joined the organisation.

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maximise your hiring results with job consultancy services

We identify the right talent for our clients, and do this by combining headhunting techniques and data-driven recruitment. We use social media channels such as LinkedIn to formulate recruitment campaigns and target people who will be interested in a particular position, who are a good fit and who, for the right job, are willing to consider a move. Data-driven recruitment combined with a strong and distinctive ‘What’s in it for you’ proposition helps persuade a potential candidate that the position in question is a good one for them, and at a better company than the one they work for now.

Job consultancy services are an effective way for employers to maximise their hiring results. By leveraging the expertise of recruitment agencies, you can access a wider pool of candidates, save time and resources, and reduce the risk of bad hires.

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Review Hanneke
I am looking forward to work with hanneke again

The Alert team is very dedicated towards their work. We've got the opportunity to work with them and they fulfilled all our requirements. In the best possible way.

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alert is very accommodating

My biggest fear is not finding a job that is suitable for me, but Alert made it a possibility to find me a suitable job for my future. My favourite part of the recruitment process is they will guide you all the way from the start to the finish, and the recruitment consultant is always happy to answer any inquiry you have about the job. I would say Alert is a very accommodating and very safe environment for us jobseekers, and I would recommend everyone to try reaching out to them.

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Review candidate 2
i will gladly recommend this agency to my friends

I am extremely happy and grateful to Ms. Jenella Sanga, who guided my wife Rebecca throughout the recruitment process for a Clinic in Kuwait. She went above and beyond to help my wife navigate the recruitment process seamlessly. Ms. Sanga took excellent care of my wife from the initial interview until she arrived at her destination. Even after my wife began her job, Ms. Sanga remained in contact to ensure her work happiness. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Jenella Sanga and Alert for helping my wife find the right job in the right place. I will gladly recommend this agency to my friends who are searching for job opportunities.

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benefits of using consultancy services in Dubai

Choosing a top consultancy Dubai offers expertise in recruitment and navigating legal documents. Outsourcing recruitment of C Level executives is time and cost-effective. Alert provides customised solutions, access to global candidates, and data-driven recruitment.

“reach the people other recruiters can’t reach”

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expert tips for effective job consultancy in Dubai

Alert’s data-driven recruitment reduces the risk of hiring unfit employees by targeting specific skills and experience with appealing content. Automation streamlines the process efficiently. Specialising in senior management and C-level positions in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, Alert offers clear communication and a collaborative approach to help both clients and candidates grow.

To find the best job consultants in Dubai, look for those with:

  1. A strong network 
  2. Industry expertise, and use of technology
  3. Transparency about fees and charges 
  4. Good Google reviews from previous clients

the future of hr consultancy in Dubai

The economy of Dubai is growing rapidly, causing a high demand for professionals and C level talent. Finding top talent can be a challenge, Working with HR consultants in UAE will become a necessity to keep up with your competitors.

Alert uses data-driven recruitment to help companies find top talent globally, including passive candidates. This technique saves time, increases the chances of finding the best person for a role, and ensures long-term employability. Alert specialises in recruiting for senior management and C-level positions in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, makes us the best job consultancy in Dubai.

Alert is the perfect partner in job consultancy for UAE companies. We don’t just stop at the border, but are also successfully active in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Are you looking for the right partner for your organisation? We would like to get to know you.

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