international day of happiness

Today, March 20th, we celebrate the International Day of Happiness, an important day for Alert established by the UN in 2012. On this day, the “happiest country in the world” is revealed in the World Happiness Report, reminding us of the importance of happiness for our well-being. It’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on what makes us happy in our work lives!

happy @ work

Workplace happiness is not a luxury but a fundamental need for both employees and organizations. When you’re happier, you not only feel better but also influence your surroundings, both personally and professionally. In fact, your workplace happiness has a significant impact on your job performance:

Increased productivity: Happy employees are often the most productive talents in the team. Their motivation and efficiency are unparalleled; they derive energy from their tasks.

Lower absenteeism: A positive work environment contributes to better health, reducing absenteeism.

Better collaboration: Happy colleagues work better together, resolve conflicts more quickly, and support each other.

Higher retention: Organizations that embrace internal workplace happiness retain their talent longer.

Creativity and innovation: Happiness stimulates creativity and encourages innovation. When people are truly engaged, they are more involved in the organization and contribute to problem-solving. Additionally, there is greater support when solutions or improvements are implemented by happy employees.

Reduced stress: Happy employees experience less work-related stress, promoting their overall well-being.

Customer satisfaction: A positive work atmosphere extends to customers, improving customer service.

Positive company culture: Workplace happiness fosters a positive company culture where employees feel valued and engaged.

causes of workplace unhappiness

It is better to prevent a problem from happening than to have to solve it later. Unfortunately, negative feelings at work can be caused by various factors, and the cause varies from individual to individual. We have listed the most common causes:

  • Unclear or lack of communication;
  • Insufficient time for tasks;
  • Uncertainty about expectations;
  • Workplace conflicts;
  • Poor working conditions;
  • Too few breaks;
  • Boundary-crossing behavior;
  • Lack of career opportunities.

Employers must recognize these factors early and intervene proactively to prevent negative escalations. For employers, working on healthy company culture is a daily part of the process and not a ‘to do’ that you can tick off once a year. The key to maintaining and creating workplace happiness lies in communication. Let your employees know their voices are heard, implement actions, communicate every step taken, and consistently reiterate in your communication the steps the organization is taking to enhance the well-being of its employees.

practical tips for workplace happiness: what can you do yourself?

To enhance your workplace happiness, consider implementing these practical tips:

  • Daily Gratitude: Write down what you’re grateful for every day.
  • Spread Positivity: Send a positive message to someone in your network every day.
  • Meditation: Take some time each day to meditate.
  • Exercise Regularly: Incorporate some movement into your day.
  • Go for a Walk: Spend at least 10 minutes each day walking in the fresh air, paying extra attention to your sensory experiences.
  • Reflection: Write down your most meaningful experience from the past 24 hours daily.
  • Communicate: Discuss with your supervisor/manager any challenges you’re facing. Explain the situation, how it makes you feel, and what changes you need.


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Our expertise and extensive network enable us to identify the perfect candidate who aligns seamlessly with the employer’s requirements, ensuring a sustainable fit. Our goal is to facilitate perfect matches where both employers and new hires feel connected. Happy employees who do work that suits them deliver clearly better results. They are more motivated, more innovative, healthier and feel more involved in your organisation than unhappy people. We therefore focus on the Happy. Work.Life Philosophy.