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The most successful businesses today are those that commit to meaningful work, talented people, genuine trust and a deep connection. This translates into knowledge, skills, sustainable employability and boundless energy. Alert International finds talented people who are an ideal match for your organisation. We work from our heart but with a result-oriented mentality. We make sure you get the best out of your people because they love to give the best of themselves.

as an entrepreneur you know…

Happy employees who do work that suits them deliver clearly better results. They are more motivated, more innovative, healthier and feel more involved in your organisation than people who are unhappy. We therefore focus on the Happy. Work.Life philosophy. The personal story in combination with business interests and ambitions.


As Alert, we believe in the core principle of Happy.Work.Life – that when work is a pleasure, life is a joy. Why? Because we are convinced (and research confirms this) that people are happier when they enjoy their work, and that they perform better when they feel good about themselves. Yin, say hello to yang.


Based on this belief, we’ve made it our mission to spread the Happy.Work.Life philosophy by linking the right candidates to the right clients. Our offices have been configured as ‘Happy.Work.Life centres’: places where people and companies come together for all forms of HR advice: a new job, career advice, job profiles, data-driven recruitment, talent development services and general support with any and every HR-related issue.


The result is a better life: better work, more happiness and an improved sense of wellbeing for employees, and a better work climate, higher retention rates and enhanced performance for organisations. In other words, everyone wins.


Alert was founded in the Netherlands in 1995 by Vivianne Snippe, and is now led by her son Ruud Schepers. We are a family business with deep roots. We set up Alert International, in Dubai, in 2013. This move came about when we were asked to support a client in Abu Dhabi. We believe in really knowing our clients and candidates, so when this opportunity arose, the decision to launch a regional hub was an obvious one.

Our first client was in healthcare. Soon we were working for companies in other industries. Our geographic scope also grew to include other Middle Eastern countries and, later, Africa. Today, our Dubai team serves candidates and clients throughout the Middle East & Africa. We meet their European HR needs through our parent company in the Netherlands. And vice versa.

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We believe that happiness at work should be a central element in every organisation’s culture. And it’s not just about achieving more profit. It’s also about people, planet and purpose. Meet with us to learn more and we’ll also give you a book all about it. For free.

your business partner

Alert international recruitment combines deep knowledge of local markets with a personal approach and data-driven global recruitment. We believe that really knowing our candidates and clients is the best and most effective way to secure talent for the long term. We also believe in the philosophy of Happy.Work.Life. Because when employees enjoy their work, feel useful and have a purpose, they are happier and more positive in life.

From our offices in the Middle East and the Netherlands, we provide a full suite of HR services and support. As a company, we focus on specialist functional, executive and C-level positions in healthcare, IT, agriculture, oil & gas, food processing, logistics, engineering, construction, marketing and investment, among others.

the 7 habits of Alert

Our driver is the personal match – the click in terms of interests, the role to be filled and the team involved. Because hiring the right people is a challenge.

Our ‘7 habits’ make the Happy.Work.Life principle come alive. Together, Alert, our candidates and clients create an environment in which employees contribute to a successful company in ways that are healthy and happy. A company in which employees perform significantly better, absence through illness is less and employee turnover is lower. By acting as a sparring partner, we aim for long-term personal contact with our candidates and our clients, so we know who is sitting before us and exactly which candidate will fit.

do you want to make
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It gives a real kick to work at a company in which employee development is central. If that sounds like your ideal fit, give us a call to plan a meeting. We’d love to hear from you!

Alert makes people

At Alert, we work with you to find the job that suits you best. The position that matches your talents, needs, strengths, interests and capacities. And which will make you happy.

do good by being good

We believe that it is important to add value to people, planet and profit. As part of this, we are a Ronald McDonald House partner in the south of the Netherlands and we support Gulf4Good in Dubai.

Through the Ronald McDonald House, we seek to ease the burden on the parents of sick children as much as we can, so that they don’t have to give up their jobs. In our partnership with Gulf4Good, we contribute to various projects around the world that improve children’s future perspectives.

We do this in different ways. First, our team is closely involved in the events that are organised by the Ronald McDonald House and Gulf4Good. Second, we use our knowledge and expertise to help them with HR-related issues. Third, we contribute to core activities in the Ronald McDonald House, including compensating for lost earnings so parents can give their child a goodnight kiss. By sponsoring the goodnight kisses, we ensure that parents can be close to their sick children.