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Alert is a recruitment company in Dubai that specialises in data-driven recruitment and excels in identifying exceptional talents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Have you ever thought about utilising recruitment services to attract top-tier personnel?

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introduction to the recruitment industry in Dubai

Alert operates in EMEA since 2012 and works with companies within both the public and private sector. We are renowned for filling specialised healthcare positions and placing executives in various industries, such as healthcare, IT, agriculture, oil and gas, food processing, logistics, engineering, construction, marketing, and investment.

what is recruitment Dubai

Alert offers recruitment services in Dubai to help you find qualified candidates for open positions in your company. We use headhunting techniques and data-driven recruitment to identify the right talent for your team. Instead of making job posts and all that follows, we formulate campaigns and target these at the right group, this way we can reach potential candidates who are a good fit and willing to consider a move.

overview of recruitment in Dubai

Competitive businesses need top employees who are often already employed elsewhere. We use various methods to find the 70% of workers who are open to new challenges.

Our goal is to match talent with the ideal job while finding the perfect mix of experience, education, and mindset for clients. At Alert in Dubai, we take a European approach to recruitment: down-to-earth, transparent, efficient and with short lines of communication. We focus on responding quickly while respecting local business norms and standards. At Alert, we use the world as our recruitment database to find the best candidates for our clients.

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Review Hanneke
I am looking forward to working with hanneke again

Alert HR is one of the best Recruitment company I’ve worked with. I was able to secure a wonderful job that I’ve been in for 8 years and grew tremendously over the years, reaching the top of my career path in a semi-goverment entity in Dubai. Hanneke Habets was a great advisor and supporter, and I look forward to work with her again.

Review Alert-1
alert is very accommodating

My biggest fear is not finding a job that is suitable for me, but Alert made it a possibility to find me a suitable job for my future. My favourite part of the recruitment process is they will guide you all the way from the start to the finish, and the recruitment consultant is always happy to answer any inquiry you have about the job. I would say Alert is a very accommodating and very safe environment for us jobseekers, and I would recommend everyone to try reaching out to them.

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Review candidate 2
i will gladly recommend this agency to my friends

I am extremely happy and grateful to Ms. Jenella Sanga, who guided my wife Rebecca throughout the recruitment process for a Clinic in Kuwait. She went above and beyond to help my wife navigate the recruitment process seamlessly. Ms. Sanga took excellent care of my wife from the initial interview until she arrived at her destination. Even after my wife began her job, Ms. Sanga remained in contact to ensure her work happiness. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Jenella Sanga and Alert for helping my wife find the right job in the right place. I will gladly recommend this agency to my friends who are searching for job opportunities.

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challenges of recruiting in dubai

The UAE’s rapidly growing economy has led to an increasing demand for highly skilled professionals. This high demand can make it challenging to find and attract the right talents for your open positions. Working with a recruitment agency in Dubai such as Alert, is the solution to overcome these challenges. 

common recruitment problems in Dubai

Hiring in the UAE can be challenging for many reasons:

  • There is a large pool of applicants
  • Finding top talent, meeting the necessary requirements for a specific position
  • Complex legal documents for non-UAE residents; and,
  • It can be overwhelming for those not experienced in recruiting. 

Alert can help streamline the process and save time for companies.

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current trends in recruitment in Dubai

Dubai’s growing economy demands talented professionals. Recruitment companies in Dubai have transformed with changing times and technology. Here are some trends shaping recruitment services in Dubai:

  • Global reach: Discover fresh talent worldwide for specialist positions
  • Data-driven recruitment: Use data-based insights to make informed decisions, increase efficiency, and attract high-quality employees
  • Meaningful connections: Find talented people who match your organisation and focus on quality over quantity in recruitment.

solutions for recruitment challenges in Dubai

In need of the best employees, or wanting to expand your team? Working with recruitment agencies in the UAE is your solution! 

Alert Dubai focuses on hiring functional experts, senior management, and C-level positions across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. By using data-driven recruitment, we can source passive talent worldwide and automate the hiring process to save time and improve the chances of finding the right candidate.

best practices for recruitment in Dubai

Discover top talent for IT, healthcare, oil & gas, and investment industries with Alert recruitment. Our recruitment specialists find candidates with in-depth knowledge, appropriate certification, skills, and growth potential. 

We’ve successfully filled positions for SAP consultants, front and back-end developers, PHP developers, and more. Our healthcare specialists fill clinical, technical, and administrative roles in compliance with regulations. Our industry experts recruit for senior executive positions like general manager and business development manager. You can trust us to find the best candidates for your business needs.

success stories of recruitment in Dubai

What makes us one of the best recruitment agencies in UAE for C-level talent is our Happy.Work.Life philosophy. We take the time and effort to get to know our client, knowing what kind of talent they are looking for in terms of qualification and experience as well as personality. By doing so, by example we successfully:

  • Placed international talent from the UK (Group Sales & Marketing Manager) 
  • Placed international talent from India (CFO) at a steal manufacturing client in Central Africa 

Alert specialises in recruitment in UAE companies for functional experts, senior management and C-level positions. Alert doesn’t just stop at the border, we are also successfully active in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Are you looking for the right talent for your organisation? We would like to get to know you.

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