camilla's in kuwait

At Alert, we take a truly individual approach when it comes to recruitment. Veronica, one of our recruiters in Dubai, had the pleasure of meeting Camilla from Lebanon. Who recently started her Happy.Work.Life as an aesthetician in Kuwait.

Veronica: ‘’Usually, I start my headhunting process for a particular position by using various recruitment platforms. However, I always reach out to my current and past candidates first and ask for referrals since I have a good connection with them. That’s how I discovered Camilla’s profile, which immediately caught my attention.

perfect match

From the very first contact, Camilla demonstrated a high level of professionalism and proactivity, and Veronica was excited to place her in accordance with her client’s needs. And so, the placement process began. Camilla had been looking for a job in Kuwait for almost a year. Meanwhile, Camilla and her husband were living apart due to the distance. As time passed, she began to lose hope of being reunited with him until she encountered Alert. 

Camilla: ‘’I have been looking for a job in Kuwait for almost a year. I found some vacancies with low salary offers but didn’t have the trust in the companies until Angels dropped and gave me the opportunity I have been waiting for!’’ – ‘’I call them angels because I always had hope that god was postponing the offers I got, so he can offer me a better one. And that happened with Alert’’

Camilla’s skills and competencies were a perfect match for one of our clients in Kuwait. The hiring process went smoothly, and Camilla’s interview was impressive because of her experience and charm, which left a positive impression on the client. As a result, she received an offer immediately after the interview. 

from paperwork to success

Before Camilla could start packing her bags, she first had to organize her paperwork. To work in Kuwait you need, among other things, a valid visa and a work permit. Additionally, we had to investigate what particular necessities and procedures were applicable to her new career and employer in Kuwait, so that she could acquire all essential documents in a punctual and accurate manner.

Veronica: ‘’We encountered a minor issue with some of the documents during the submission process. Fortunately, with my persistent follow-ups and guidance on how to resolve the matter, and Camilla’s excellent cooperation, we were able to rectify the issue quickly.’’

We at Alert, are committed to providing excellent customer service and professionalism to all our clients and employees. It was our pleasure to assist Camilla in her job-hunting process, and we appreciate her kind words about our team and especially Ms. Veronica. We wish Camilla all the best in your new position and hope that she continues to thrive both personally and professionally.’’

Camilla: “I am extremely happy and satisfied with my new job and also reunited with my husband. The team from Alert, especially Ms. Veronica, was always in touch with me and replied whenever I had questions. That’s what I call professionalism and excellent customer service.”

Camila has been able to experience our Happy.Work.Life philosophy herself. At Alert, we believe that people work better when they are happy. To do so, we identify the right talents for our clients, making a sustainable match. We do this by headhunting, data-driven recruitment and using social media channels such as LinkedIn.