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At Alert, we take a truly personal approach when it comes to recruitment. Veronica, one of our headhunters in Dubai, had the pleasure of meeting Jennie from the Philippines. Who started her Happy.Work.Life as a Housekeeping Supervisor at a Hospital in Kuwait (January 2023).

”Just realized that if one thing you do fails, you will soon have an opportunity to succeed at something much better.” – Jennie Lawrence Guiwan.

i'm so grateful to work here

Jennie Lawrence Guiwan

''February 13, 2022, I was about to fly to UAE but suddenly I got offloaded from the immigration of the Philippines, due to the lack of documents that they required. I never expected this to happen, I knew I had prepared everything meticulously - from processing my papers and visa to booking my ticket with extra care. I was so disappointed and hopeless by that time, thinking that all my plans and dreams were gone. A week later Ms. Veronica from Alert called me for a recommendation in Kuwait, from that call my hope was revived and motivated me again to pursue my goals and dreams. After my interview, I passed it and I got a higher offer than what I expected in UAE. Just realized that if one thing you do fails, you will soon have an opportunity to succeed at something much better. By the prayers and grace of God, He never leaves me. Now I'm so grateful to work here in one of the prestigious Hospitals in Kuwait. Thank you Ms. Veronica and Alert for being the instrument in what I achieved. I wish for more success in your organization, so you can continue helping others. God bless."

Housekeeping Supervisor at our Clients Hospital in Kuwait (January 2023-Present)

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Jennie has been able to experience our Happy.Work.Life philosophy herself. At Alert, we believe that people work better when they are happy. To do so, we identify the right talents for our clients. We achieve this by engaging in meaningful conversations and actively listening to our candidates. Through these interactions, we gain a deep understanding of their unique talents and aspirations. It’s through this personalized approach that we create sustainable connections, ensuring ideal matches between our clients and candidates. Are you ready to onboard motivated top talents?